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10th annual London Greek Film Festival: 14-20 May 2017

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Screenplay submission 2017
Please, follow instructions below to submit your screenplay, in three simple steps. Screenplays accepted in Greek and/or English language.
Παρακαλούμε, ακολουθείστε τις οδηγίες παρακάτω, για να υποβάλετε το σενάριό σας, σε τρία απλά βήματα. Σενάρια γίνονται δεκτά στην Ελληνική ή/και Αγγλική γλώσσα.
Screenplay Categories:
Fiction Feature (70-150 pages) and Short Fiction (1-20 pages)
Please, click here to read the submission terms, conditions and guidelines first;
by paying the submission fees you accept these. 
Submit your film in three simple steps:

1. Click here to download and complete the submission form

2. Please pay the submission fee  

LGFF 2017 / Very Late Script Submissions



3. Please, send the submission material online as following:

a) via email:

  • your screenplay in word .doc file or .pdf file
  • the submission form and any other text (treatment etc) in word .doc file
  • the signed and scanned submission form in pdf or jpg file
  • photos in .jpg file
  • any other digital material (i.e. websites, blogs etc)
Email: scriptsubmissions [at]
                                           *please replace [at] with @ symbol to send email


 [please DON'T send hard copy of your screenplay; we will not accept it]
 [παρακαλούμε ΜΗΝ στείλετε τυπωμένο το σενάριό σας, γιατί δεν θα γίνει δεκτό]



Other ways to submit your film or script


You can choose the following alternative option to submit your film or script, but the steps 1 & 3a on the left, are required:





Regular deadline: 17 February 2017
Submission fees:
31 [feature fiction films, documentaries,
fiction feature scripts]
23 [short fiction films, experimental films,
video art, short scripts]
Late deadline: 10 March 2017
Submission fees:
35 [feature fiction films, documentaries,
fiction feature scripts]
27 [short fiction films, experimental films,
video art, short scripts]
Very late deadline and final: 31 March 2017
Submission fees:
39 [feature fiction films, documentaries,
fiction feature scripts]
31 [short fiction films, experimental films,
video art, short scripts]
Films and Screenplays accepted from:
Greek Origin Individuals and Production Companies from all over the world, with no specific subject in their work (Greek Diaspora & Greek-Cypriots included), or
International Individuals and Production Companies from all over the world, with film or screenplay related to Greece (i.e. subject, myths, history, locations or filming in Greece).
Kind of films:
fiction feature films [μεγάλου μήκους μυθοπλασίας]
short fiction films [μικρού μήκους μυθοπλασίας]
documentaries [ντοκιμαντέρ]
experimental films [πειραματικές ταινίες]
video art [ταινίες βιντεοτέχνης]
*animation accepted; just choose one of the categories above, and add a note in the submission form that your film is animation (i.e. short fiction - animation).
Kind of screenplays
[script competition only - διαγωνιστικό σεναρίου μόνο]:
fiction feature
[σενάρια για ταινίες μυθοπλασίας μεγάλου μήκους]
short fiction
[σενάρια για ταινίες μυθοπλασίας μικρού μήκους]
> Click Here to submit your film



Film Competition:
Best Feature Fiction Film
Best Documentary
Best Creative Documentary
Best Short Fiction Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Video Art
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Performer
Best Photography
Best Music
Best Screenplay
Screenplay Competition
Best Feature Fiction Script
Best Short Fiction Script
Special Awards
Audience Choice
Web Visitors Choice
Special Jury Award
Animation or Special Effects Award




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