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10th annual London Greek Film Festival: 14-20 May 2017

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London Greek Film Festival 2017 - Selected films in competition

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Selected films 2017 - Line up
[both in-house screenings and web only]



We update our website right now. Full information about films and screenplays coming up.  :)

Selected screenplays 2017 with no specific order



Fiction Feature Scripts (σενάρια μυθοπλασίας μεγάλου μήκους)

The Wonderful by Demitra Papadinis. USA.

The Touch by Ektoras Delta. Greece.

Ekebolos by Stephen Settle. USA.

Resurrection Time Conspiracy by James Carroll. USA.

Our Story by Nektarios Mpouterakos. Greece.

Therapies of Love by Petros Kronis. Cyprus.

Dark Avenue by Stergios Maderis. Greece.

Out of the Comfort Zone by Lorenzo Guarnieri. Italy.

The last Greeks by Peter F. Firzinger. Austria.


Short Fiction Scripts (σενάρια μυθοπλασίας μικρού μήκους)

Saira by John Kontoyannis. USA.

Red Handed by James Collins. Greece.

The Collector by Caterina Vaimaki. Greece.

Kalinixta by Thanos Kermitsis. Greece.

Regan by Panos Katsimperis. Greece.

Xamenos Tipos by Niki Kefala. Greece.

Bone-Crusher by Lefteris Yannakoudakis. Greece.

Power by Nikos Skoulas. Greece.

Attempts by Pavlos Valsamidis. Greece.

Shared by Natalia – Maria Savvidi. Greece.

The Foreigner by Avraam Terzopoulos. Greece.

The House by Vasilis Dimou. Greece.

Kyveli’s catharsis by Kostas Athanasiadis. Greece.

Pentadaktylos by Anna Tenezi. Cyprus.

Waiting for Τomorrow by Vasilis Bontas. Greece.

Porphyra by Sotos Makris. Greece.















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