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Odysseus Awards 2018 

Film Competition
Best Feature Fiction Film, Best Director:
Success Story. Dir. by Nikos Perakis. Greece, 2017.
Best Actress
Tonia Sotiropoulou
Best Actor
Konstantinos Markoulakis
Best Photography
Claudio Bolivar
Best Screenplay
Katerina Bei
Best Concept for Feature Fiction Film 
[2nd Award for Feature Fiction Film]
Jamaika. Dir. by Andreas Morfonios. Greece, 2017.
Special mention for fiction feature film 
Waiting room. Dir. by Alexander Leontaritis. Cyprus, 2017.
Best Documentary
1st Award: 
Kananga. Dir. by Pavlos Tripodakis. Greece, 2017.
2nd Award: 
The Road to Sparta. Dir. by Barney Spender & Roddy Gibson. Greece, UK. 2016.
Best Creative Documentary
Europe. Dir. by Stavros Stratigakos. Greece, 2017.
Special mention for documentary
Welcome to our relatives by marriage. Dir. by Maria Giachnaki. Greece, 2016.
Best Short Fiction Film
1st Award: 
Heimlich. Dir. by Kostas Bakouris. Greece, 2017.
2nd Award: 
A child outside. Dir. by Panos Eliakopoulos. Greece, 2017.
Best Experimental Film
City of my heart. Dir. by Kostas Petsas & Aris Nikolaidis. Greece, Spain. 2017.
Best Video Art
Metronome. Dir. by Katerina Michalopoulou. Greece, 2017,
Best Animation
Aenigma. Dir. By Antonis Ntoussias & Aris Fatouros. Greece, 2016.
Best Music Video
Cinnamon. Dir. by Michael Starakis. Greece, 2017.
Best Music Video Audience Award
Cinnamon. Dir. by Michael Starakis. Greece, 2017.
Special Effects Award
Ulysses - A dark Odyssey. Dir. by Federico Alotto. Italy, 2017.
Best Music
Ntinos Tselis
Bliss. Dir. by Christos Pitharas. Greece, 2017.
New Director’s Award
Ulysses - A dark Odyssey. Dir. by Federico Alotto. Italy, 2017.
Special Mention
The Tree and the Swing. Dir. by Maria Douza. Greece, 2013.
Special Mention
Phoenix. Dir. by Junyan He, Giorgos Papagaroufalis. Greece, 2017.

Screenplay Competition


Best Feature Fiction Script
1st Award:
Girl gone Greek. Written by James Collins & Rebbeca Hall. UK
2nd Award:
Crossroads. By Anna Tenezi. Cyprus.
Special Mention Award:
Potnia. Written by Julie Lacy. UK, Greece.
Best Short Fiction Script
1st Award:
Hypnos. Written by Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis & Athanasia Michopoulou. Greece.
2nd Award:
Zorbas revisited. Written by Ralf Hochstrasser. Switzerland.
Special Mention Award:
The Farm. Written by Christina Dimitriadou.


Cosmocinema Awards
Screenplay Competition
Best Feature Fiction Script
1st Award:
Perry. Written by RJ Watson . USA. 
2nd Award:
Nauti girls (biff). Written by Linda Toussaint. Australia.
Film Competition
Best Concept for Feature Fiction Film 
The Marvin Case. Dir. by Lewis Eizykman. France, 2018.
Best Short Fiction Film
Kaltrina. Dir. by Evi Stamatiou. UK, USA. 2017.
Best Adaptation
Ulysses - A dark Odyssey. Dir. by Federico Alotto. Italy, 2017.
Best Actor
Danny Glover
Best Music Video
Deserted Eyes. Dir. by Olivia Hadjiioannou. Greece, 2018.
New Director’s Award
Nostos. Dir by Ioanna Koliofoti. Greece, 2018.

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Every year the London Greek Film Festival presents the Odysseus Awards in each of the competition categories. The prize’s name is a tribute to the Odyssey of the creators, film directors and screenwriters, their journey to the completion of their vision. The Odysseus Awards offered during the year to poets and other authors and artists, as well. Starting form this year, an international section of the LGFF, the Cosmocinema Festival, offers the international Cosmocinema Awards, as well. Following the London festival, the Awards presented not only in London, but are also presented often to the winners at a special event in Athens.

Odysseus Awards are not accompanied by cash prize or funding.



















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