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When the Wind Blows by Daphne Miltiadou. 11’. Cyprus. 2017. World Premiere. Short Fiction Film.


Original Title: SAN ANEMOS

English Title: When the wind blows

Greek Title: Σαν άνεμος

Duration:  11:20

Country of origin: Cyprus

Director: Daphne Miltiadou

Producer: Daphne Miltiadou

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: Music out of an old gramophone makes young Chara remember her closest friend, a music prodigy. This friendship will define her life and will make her question what is real and what is imaginary. A story about not letting go..

Brief synopsis in Greek: Ένα μουσικό κομμάτι απο ένα παλιό γραμμόφωνο είναι η αφορμή για την μικρή Χαρά να θυμηθεί το παρελθόν. Η βαθιά φιλία της Χαράς με ένα παιδί θαύμα στην μουσική θα καθορίσει τη ζωή της και θα την φέρει αντιμέτωπη με το τι είναι αλήθεια και τι είναι φαντασία. Μια ιστορία για να μην εγκαταλείπουμε...

Release Date: MARCH 2017

Original Format: HD 1920 x 1080

Written and Directed   -   Daphne Miltiadou
Young Chara - Chara Mamalougka
Nestoras - Nestoras Orologas- Stavrou
Chara - Leda Koutsodaskalou
Nestoras’ Father - Spyros Perdiou
Nestoras’ Mother - Iris Pandazara
Chara’s Mother - Christina Kouloumpi
Photographer - Nektarios Farmakis
Psychologist - Alexandros Kompogiorgas
Judges - Eleni Zioga, Grigoris Toumasatos, Angelos Chatzas
Pedestrian - Chara Dima
Voice of Music Teacher - Tassos Papadopoulos
Guest Appearance - Karmen Rouggeri
Director of Photography - Stamatis Loukos
Editor -  Kyriakos Demetriou                                                             
Original Music - Dimitra Christofidou
Sound, Sound Design and Mixing - Antonis Delaportas, Thomas Karamazakis
Colour Grading & Compositing - Antonis Delaportas
Art Director - Alexandra Ntontsika
Assistant Director - Chara Dima
Camera Assistants - Tasos Moraitis, Costas Giorgopoulos
Drone Operator - Manos Kokolakis                
Make-up Artist – Anna Kyrani                           
Poster Design – Danae Michaelidou                 
Production Coordinator  - Daphne Miltiadou
Production Assistants: Stavroula Kourakou, Christina Koutalis, Christina Sotiriou, Andria Bandis, Aggeliki Poulima, Fotis Tsotoulidis, Maria Kadianaki, Maria Moragianni, Constantinos Hilas
Piano Coach for Nestoras Orologas Stavrou : Costas Damopoulos
Performed by Mina Delaporta
Recorded and Produced by Antonis Delaportas
Film Production Services: Cinefaces
Film Editing Services: Light in Films        
 Post-Production Services: Genesis M.Productions         
With the support of:
 An Art Artistry
Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation
Athenaeum Cultural Centre
Clap the Restaurant
Panas Music Papagrigoriou – Nakas
Museum of Greek Folk Art
Klepsidra Café at Plaka
Special thanks:
Athhinodoros Athanassopoulos Vintage Shop at Avissinias Square
Ntia Thedosopoulou for catering services, Postocafe at Plastira Square
Cup Cup Café at Avissinias square
Zoe Aleksandrou, Dimitris Anoussis, Giorgos Grammatikos, Filanthi, Petros Kioses, Nasia Liassidou, Alexandra Matheou, Nicolaides Family, Giorgos Pozidis, Hüseyin Sermet
With the generous funding of George Psaras and the Smile Foundation in aid of children with facial deformities

Original Language: Greek

English Subtitles: Yes












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