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When Dahlias Bend Down by Tasos Giapoutzis. 15’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere. Documentary.


Original Title: Όταν Γέρνουνε οι Ντάλιες

English Title: When Dahlias Bend Down

Greek Title: Όταν Γέρνουνε οι Ντάλιες

Duration: 15 minutes

Country of origin: Greece/ UK

Director: Tasos Giapoutzis

Producer: Tasos Giapoutzis

Production Company / Companies: Thinking Image Productions

Brief synopsis in English: Fotini and Anastasios live a relaxed elderly life in a village in Greece. At the age of 82 however, Fotini starts having severe health issues. This is a portrait of the difficult everyday life an elderly couple faces, realising that the end is close.

Brief synopsis in Greek: Η Φωτεινή και ο Αναστάσιος ζουν μία ήρεμη ζωή ηλικιωμένων σε ένα χωριό της Ελλάδας. Στην ηλικία των 82 όμως, η Φωτεινή αρχίζει να αντιμετωπίζει πλέον σοβαρά προβλήματα υγείας. Η ταινία αποτελεί πορτραίτο της δύσκολης καθημερινότητας που αντιμετωπίζει ένα ηλικιωμένο ζευγάρι καθώς αντιλαμβάνεται ότι το τέλος είναι κοντά.

Release Date: 2016

Original Format: HD


Cast/ Fotini Giapoutzi, Anastasios Giapoutzis,

Editing-Sound Design/ Marios Kleftakis

Original Language: Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide:

18th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, Greece, 2016

12th Fest - New Directors/New Films Festival, Portugal, 2016

3rd International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra, Greece, 2016

1st “Beyond the Borders” International Documentary Film Festival, Greece, 2016

10th Greek Documentary Festival - Docfest, Greece, 2016

10th British Shorts Film Festival, Germany, 2017

4th Chennai International Short Film Festival, India, 2017










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