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The very last morning by Ciprian Mega. 95’.
Romania / Cyprus. 2016. UK Premiere. Fiction Feature Film.


Original Title: Dimineața care nu se va sfârși

English Title: The very last morning

Greek Title: Το αιώνιο ξημέρωμα

Duration: 97 min

Country of origin: Romania / Cyprus

Director: Ciprian Mega

Producer: Ciprian Mega

Production Company / Companies: Eirina Film

Brief synopsis in English: Emigration is one of the most pronounced issues faced by the post-communist Romanian society. With a script inspired from the life of the Romanian community in Cyprus, the film tells a painful, personal story in a world in which we use only numbers to talk about emigration, prostitution and suffering, as an unfortunate statistic. Abused by her step father, then driven away from home, Eva, a Romanian teenager, becomes a victim of human trafficking. She ends up prostituting herself in Cyprus. Years later, the young woman creates her own web of relations and becomes a full-fledged ”courtesan” for influential men: politicians, diplomats, business people. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she is diagnosed with AIDS.

Release Date: 2016

Original Format: DCP

Original Language(s): Romanian

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide:
Terni (Italy) International Film Festival, St. Petersburg (Russia), International Film Festival

Awards and nominations: Istess per il giubileo de la Misericordia - the most important prize in the Festival (Terni, Italy); Special Jury Prize (St. Petersburg, Russia)












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