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The Wonderful by Demitra Papadinis. USA. Fiction Feature Screenplay.


Script Category: Fiction Feature - Fantasy

Original Title: The Wonderful

Original language(s): English 

Writer(s): Demitra Papadinis

Country of origin: USA


Brief synopsis in English:

"The Wonderful"

Logline (29 words)

After acquiring the power to atone for the sins of others, a misfit young woman strives to bear the torments of a world which has no faith in her.

"The Wonderful"

Synopsis (350 words)

In a time when the Church rules with an iron fist, CHRISTINA, a meek farm girl who lives with her two older SISTERS, seeks to lead a godly life.

But the sisters are in debt and about to lose the farm. They strike a deal with FATHER GODFREY, a greedy and worldly man. Godfrey promises to take care of Christina, but he plans to give her to his henchman BRUNO, a pimp.

Christina flees to the forest where she stumbles upon a tryst between Count LOUIS and his next intended conquest, LUTGARDE. She also meets Louis’ impish manservant ORMOND and befriends TOMMY, a young urchin. Lost, she wanders home just as Bruno arrives to carry her off to the brothel. But God miraculously saves her… by striking her dead.

At her own funeral, Christina revives and demonstrates supernatural powers. Godfrey, convinced that Christina is possessed, orders her locked up to await the Inquisition.

With Tommy's help, Christina escapes to the wilderness where CHRIST reveals the reason for her miraculous return: God has blessed her with the ability to feel pain but not suffer physical injury so that she can relieve the anguish of souls in Purgatory.

While hiding in the forest, Christina rescues Lutgarde from Louis' unwelcome advances. Louis throws Christina into a dungeon and tortures her, but he repents when she exposes Ormond as the DEVIL in disguise. Louis undertakes many good works, including providing for Tommy’s education. But Godfrey learns of Christina's whereabouts and demands that Louis turn her over. He refuses and dies defending her.

Godfrey sentences Christina to death for witchcraft. But  even Godfrey himself cannot doubt Christina's blessedness when God grants her request to take upon herself half of Louis' purgatorial sufferings.

Now free, Christina returns to the wilderness where she tortures herself to hasten the release of Louis and of other suffering souls from Purgatory. After many years, her old friend Tommy, who has grown up and become a priest, returns. He brings her to Saint Catherine’s convent to live out her final days in comfort. There, after performing one final miracle, she dies.


Completed Date: 2016

Pages: 108

The screenplay is based on “The Life of Saint Christina the Wonderful” by Thomas of Cantimpré

Awards and nominations:
Gold Award, Kolkata International Screenplay Competition 2017
Best Script, Paris Play Film Festival, December 2016
Bronze Award (Fantasy category), 2016 World Series of Screenwriting
Diamond Award (Feature Script), Mindfield Film Festival, February 2017
Best Unproduced Script Award, 2017 International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema London
Silver Winner, International Independent Film Awards, 2017
Third Place, Feature Screenplay Competition, California Film Awards 2016
Best Technique, Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards, Winter 2017






















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