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The Thing About Greece… A Snowboard Documentary
by Themistocles Lambridis. 77’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere. Documentary.


Original Title: The Thing About Greece… A Snowboard Documentary

English Title: The Thing About Greece… A Snowboard Documentary

Greek Title: The Thing About Greece… A Snowboard Documentary

Duration: 77’

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Themistocles Lambridis

Producer: Themistocles Lambridis

Production Company / Companies: Jagged Melon Productions Ltd

Brief synopsis in English: Most people know Greece for its amazing beaches, delicious food and smashing plates. What you might not know is that there is an epic winter playground hidden away in its many mountains. This film follows the journey of Themistocles Lambridis through the Greek mountains over two seasons, making new friends, exploring the unknown side of this culture and uncovering some of Greece’s best kept secrets.

Brief synopsis in Greek: -

Release Date: December 2015

Original Format: Full HD


Music by Imam Baildi, 1000MODS, Planet of Zeus, the Velvoids, Mary’s flower superhead, afrodyssey orchestra, Black Hat Bones, The Killer Seas, Wisdom

Starring: Themistocles Lambridis, Spiros Badios, Vasilis Koutoumatsiotis, Dimitris Liossis, Gerasimos Avramidis, George Chalkias, Dimitris Maniatis, Vasilis Karageorgiou, Mike Styllas, Nikolas Plytas

Colorist: Dimitris Lambridis

Sound Design: Joe Hudson

Edited by: Themistocles Lambridis, Spiros Badios

Original Language(s): English, Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide: Flow Film Festival, Athens, Greece










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