London Greek Film Festival - Screenplays (script competition) 2015



Perfect Match. Written by Sotiroulla Carabas. Cyprus/USA, 2015.


Script Category: Fiction feature

Original Title: Perfect Match

Original language(s): English

English Title: Perfect Match

Greek Title: -

Writer(s): Sotiroulla Carabas

Country of origin: Cyprus/USA

Brief synopsis in English: A junior executive at a New York ad agency, stung by betrayal in her personal and professional life, travels with her aunt to their homeland of Greece, where she runs into her ex-boyfriend, a composer with an international troupe of musicians and dancers. ANASTASIA, a Madison Avenue junior executive in her late 20s, learns from her boss that the account she has been wooing is being handed to her co-worker DEVIN, who happens to be her boyfriend. Reeling from the discovery that Devin has been sleeping with an intern, she accepts her aunt OLYMPIA’s invitation to join her on a trip to Greece, the homeland she left 20 years ago. As luck would have it, Anastasia’s ex-boyfriend Jason FOTIADES, a composer in his late 20s, has come to Karpathos with an international troupe of musicians and dancers for a workshop. Seeing that he is both happy and successful, Anastasia begins to question the wisdom of the choices she has made. When Devin shows up with apologies and tickets to a romantic getaway in Paris, she must decide whether to follow her head or her heart.

Brief synopsis in Greek: -

Completed Date: 2015

Pages: 101




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