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Dark Illusion. Directed by Manos Karystinos. Greece, 2014. 112'. UK Premiere.


Film Category: Fiction feature film

Original Title: Dark Illusion

English Title: Dark Illusion

Greek Title: Dark Illusion

Duration: 1:11:53

Country of origin: Greece

Director: Manos Karystinos

Producer: “European Youth Capital-Thessaloniki 2014”

Production Company / Companies: Independent Production

Brief synopsis in English: Alkis is an introverted photographer with a disorder of personality. Despite the strong relationship he has developed with his mother, he reaches in despair due to the tension that exists between her and his alcoholic father. As a consequence, he decides to leave the family home and move to his own place. A journalistic project he gets involved in will disturb his fragile personal balance with several parts of his current life being challenged. Trapped in a complex of contradictions, he will try to find the way that will redeem himself.

Brief synopsis in Greek: Ο Άλκης είναι ένας εσωστρεφής φωτογράφος με διαταραγμένη προσωπικότητα. Παρά την ιδιαίτερη σχέση που έχει αναπτύξει με τη μητέρα του, φτάνει σε απόγνωση από τις εντάσεις ανάμεσα σ’ αυτήν και τον αλκοολικό πατέρα αποφασίζοντας να εγκαταλείψει το πατρικό του σπίτι και να μετακομίσει στον προσωπικό του χώρο. Η συμμετοχή του σε ένα δημοσιογραφικό project όμως, θα φέρει ανατροπές στις εύθραυστες προσωπικές του ισορροπίες ενώ θα αρχίσει να αμφισβητεί ολοένα και περισσότερες πτυχές της πραγματικότητας που βιώνει. Εγκλωβισμένος σε ένα σύμπλεγμα αντιφάσεων καλείται να βρει τη διέξοδο που θα τον λυτρώσει.

Release Date: 03/11/2014

Original Format: DCP color, MP4


Written by: Anastasia Koziba
Director of Photography: Thanasis Konstantopoulos
Editing and VFX: Chris Filippou
Sound: Dimitris Keramydas, Aliki Dima, Eleni Kavouki
Music: Bjorn Alexandridis, Marios Podaras aka Deep In Mind
           -Vocals: Roula Tsernou
           -Musician support: Yannis Somaras
First Assistant Director: Stamatis Papadopoulos
Costumes: Lia Tschenkeli
Make up: Dimitra Porfyri, Angela Karanasou, Irini Marangou

Cast: Katerina Didaskalou (Emily), Yannis Malezas (Alkis), Nadin-Natalia Misailidou (Melina), Andreas I. Marianos (father), Zacharias Spanos (Ermis), Melina Chatzikonstantinou (Myrto), Dimitris Frangoulis (Costas), Ioanna Sidiropoulou (Eleni), Stamatis Papadopoulos (Christos), Pavlos Malezas (Alkis), Stathis Panagiotopoulos (newscaster)

1)  (English subtitles through Youtube settings)

Original Language(s): Greek

English Subtitles: Yes

Previous screenings / festivals worldwide:
55th International Thessaloniki Film Festival
10th Cyprus International Film Festival
6th «Bridges» International Film Festival
Awards and nominations:
   in 55th Thessaloniki International Film Festival
- Best Screenplay at 10th Cyprus International Film Festival


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