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Bonds, funds, and two smoking trowels. Written by Nassy Batziou. Greece, 2015.


Script Category: Fiction feature

Original Title: Bonds, funds, and two smoking trowels

Original language(s): English

Greek title: -

Writer(s): Nassy Batziou

Country of origin: Greece

Brief synopsis in English:

A globalized futuristic adventure comedy where international financial villains are plotting to build a global sweatshop of cheap labour in the place of an important ancient monument in (still in 2020) crisis-stricken Greece, and goofy archaeologists from various countries want to stop them.

A few years before 2020, the Greek economy started showing signs of recovery and the Chinese government made the mistake of investing in Greek bonds and binding its stagnant economy to the “emerging” Greek economy. However, Greece started going down again, taking China with it. As European Finance Ministers together with the Greek government, which now is a coalition of all the political parties in the country, are still trying to figure out a solution to the Greek debt, the Chinese government decided to help the Greek economy (and subsequently, Chinese investments) by sending its citizens to Greece on compulsory holidays.

The day before it is her turn to reluctantly go to Greece, XIU LIN, an archaeologist who once lived in Greece with her boyfriend and colleague KOSTAS but now works at the Chinese Ministry of Finance, accidentally discovers an international plot of financial villains who are planning to build a global sweatshop of cheap labour in the place of an important ancient monument in Greece!

In Athens, she discusses her discovery with her trusted PROFESSOR CHANG, now the Director of the Chinese Archaeological Institute, who later disappears mysteriously and is quickly replaced by the suspicious PROFESSOR CHONG.

As Xiu Lin is being followed by a white limousine and two Chinese men in black, she finds shelter at an excavation site with an international group of goofy archaeologists, where she re-discovers her love for archaeology, which she denounced after her relationship with Kostas failed. She mingles with the international archaeological community in Athens at the pub RED DRAGON, and they try to discover the plotters and find Professor Chang.

When Xiu Lin is accidentally reunited with Kostas who is still an immature mommy’s boy, they overhear the conversation of some Greek and Chinese politicians and businessmen who are part of the international plot, and they are being chased by the Chinese men in black who were following them all along! As Xiu Lin and Kostas are hiding, their conversation wakes up Xiu Lin who finally snaps out of her crush for him. Realizing she has been destroying her life by stoically accepting everything and following directions by others, she decides to change course and take action.

Meanwhile, we learn the outrageous details of the international financial conspiracy: in order to make space for the global sweatshop, the plotters have made a deal to sell the ancient Temple of Hephaistos to an off-globe company, the highly intelligent but innocent and unaware extra-terrestrial inhabitants of planet Pluto!

At their annual carnival party, the archaeologists find out that the villains are about to teleport the Temple to planet Pluto and, led by Xiu Lin, they decide to go after them. As they do, still in their carnival costumes, they run into a big demonstration in front of the Greek Parliament and try to take the crowd with them. The CNN reports live, completely misunderstanding what is happening. Xiu Lin and some others, arrive at the Temple and try to stop the teleportation and release Professor Chang, who is held by Professor Chong and the plotters! Soon the rest of the archaeologists arrive, together with the demonstration crowd.

Brief synopsis in Greek: -

Completed Date: February 2015

Pages: 132




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