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10th annual London Greek Film Festival: 14-20 May 2017

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London Greek Film Festival 2017 - Selected films in competition

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Selected screenplays 2017


We update our website right now. Full information about films and screenplays coming up.  :)

Selected films 2017 with no specific order [both in-house screenings and web only]


Fiction Feature Films (μυθοπλασίας μεγάλου μήκους)

The very last morning by Ciprian Mega. 95’. Romania / Cyprus. 2016. UK Premiere.

The Spirits by Srdjan Milosavljevic. 79’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere.

Utopia, An Adult's FairyTale by Nikos Kourou. 78’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

Smac by Elias Demetriou. 110’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

Lines by Vassilis Mazomenos. 88’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

'Katherine of Alexandria' 'The Director's Cut by Michael Redwood. 115’. UK & Cyprus. 2017. World Premiere.

Zenaida by Alexis Tsafas. 67’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

The 13th by Chris Hastings. 80’. UK. 2017. World Premiere.

Boy on the bridge by Petros Charalambous. 85’. Cyprus. 2016. UK Premiere.

Dream of a shadow by Nikita Ballas. 93’ Australia. 2017. UK Premiere.

Arabim - The souls of statues by Antigoni Paroussi - Costis Papanastasatos. 53’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

In the shadow of the Atreides’ curse by Dimitris Dimitroulias. 70’. Greeece. 2016. UK Premiere.


Documentaries (ντοκιμαντέρ)

When Dahlias Bend Down by Tasos Giapoutzis. 15’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Frozen Ambrosia by Constantine Papanicolaou. 60’. USA. 2016. UK Premiere.

Dogs of Democracy by Mary Zournazi. 58’. Australia, Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Parrhesia. The Obligation to Speak the truth. by Mart Rauckas. 15’. Estonia, Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Guardians of the Aegean by Omiros Evangelinos. 85’. Greece, 2016. UK Premiere.

Istoria by Nicolaos Demourtzidis. 64’. Australia, Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

The Thing About Greece… A Snowboard Documentary by Themistocles Lambridis. 77’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

Finish Line by Eliana Abravanel. 70’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

The Girls are Here by Natalia Koutsougera. 45’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

Documentary for a press that was never found by Charalambos Margaritis and Yiannis Sakellis. 22’. Cyprus. 2016. UK Premiere.

722 TMX, Engineer Batallion by Yiannis Koufonikos. 46’. Greece. 2017.

Mirage by Abdolreza Kohanrouz. 67’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Songs of Revolution by Bill Mousoulis. 118’. Greece, Australia. 2017. World Premiere.

Beatbox and winds – Nicos Diminakis by Gina Georgiadou. 54’ Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

The longest run by Marianna Economou. 74’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

Ioulita Iliopoulou and George Kouroupos meet the Green Riding Hood by Gina Georgiadou. 28’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere.

With the hoes and the terrarium forks by George Lagdaris. 57’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere. WEB ONLY - FREE ON YOUTUBE

Andreas Lentakis – a romantic fighter by Menos Deliotzakis. 83’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

No coming back by Flora Prisimintzi. 63’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Yiannis Kastritsis: The man and his shadow by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos. 52’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

The artist Vassilis Theocharakis by Yannis Vamvakas. 85’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

We are all Citizens by Panos Thomaidis. 45’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere. WEB ONLY - FREE ON YOUTUBE

Newton: The Force of God by Panos Anestis. 48’. Greece.2016. UK Premiere. WEB ONLY - FREE ON YOUTUBE

Medea…louder than my thoughts by Nikos Grammatikos. 93’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

Dan Georgakas - a Diaspora Rebel by Kostas Vakkas. 53’. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

Silent witness by Dimitris Koutsiabasakos. 72’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Ballroom Boys by Michael Stylianou. 13’. UK. 2016. UK Premiere.

Lesvos: fall in LOVE by Basil Genimahaliotis & Billy Cotsis. 27’. Greece, UK, Australia. 2016. UK Premiere.

Janus’ Legacy: A refugee passage to Europe by Dimitris Papageorgiou & Alexandros Spathis. 90’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Second life by Nicole Alexandropoulou. 50'. Greece. 2016. World Premiere.

Days of the lake by Pandora Mouriki. 48’. Greece. 2017. World Premiere.

The Formidable Flags of Freedom by Takis Sakellariou. 17'. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.


Short Fiction (μικρού μήκους μυθοπλασίας)

The Journey by Giannis Bletas. 10’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

When the Wind Blows by Daphne Miltiadou. 11’. Cyprus. 2017. UK Premiere.

I need to belong here by Ntora Kazantzidi. 16’. Greece, 2016. UK Premiere.

Epsilon by Antonis Morgan Konstantoudakis. 15’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere.

Der by Antonis Morgan Konstantoudakis. 10’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere.

Don't love me so much by Petra Terzi. 12’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

My own son by Steven Karaoulanis. 6’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Lily by Paraskevas Grigorakis. 12’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

The Stone Fish by Vasilis Matiakis. 16’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

The chronicle of a yo yo: Getting simplex by Langas Michail. 9'. Greece. 2015. UK Premiere.

Heretic by Stephanos Minoglou. 11’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

Birthday by Dimitris Katsimiris. 13’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

White Daisy by Kyriakos Gikas. 15’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Shoot Me Nicely by Elias Plagianos. 19’. USA. 2016. UK Premiere.

Nemercka by Avrilios Karakostas. 13’. Albania, Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Phantom Limb by Michael Felanis. 12’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

Into the Down by Peter Ellinas. 9’. Cyprus, USA. 2016. UK Premiere. WEB ONLY - FREE ON YOUTUBE

Hickory by Peter Ellinas. 6’. Cyprus, USA. 2016. UK Premiere. WEB ONLY - FREE ON YOUTUBE

Felicita by Yannis Zafiris. 10’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Rupture by Vassilis Goudelis. 9’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Holy Meal by Nikos Mathios & Alexandros Karaiskos. 7’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Joogbox by Antonis Prentzas & Danai Moutsopoulou. 9’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Double by Martha Kiskila & Alexandros Robert Gorasis. 5’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

The Spectator by Thodoris Vournas. 18’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Ethnofobia by Joan Zhonga. 14’. Greece, UK. 2016. UK Premiere.

Unchildishness by Andy Papadimitriou. 5’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere.

Hominid by Alexandros Salimis. 20’. Greece. 2017. World Premiere.

Soft Lady by Spiros Dodopoulos & Nika Lominatze. 15’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Treva by Michalis Tigkiridis. 26’. Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

You didn’t expect me, huh? by Alexander (Alex) Pittidis. 14’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

iWitness by Georgios Mastrakoulis. 8’. Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Alphabet Soup by Stella Nikoletta Drossa. 13’. Greece, Germany. 2016. UK Premiere.

Out of the shadows by Orestis Dikaios. 10’. UK. 2017. World Premiere.


Experimental (πειραματικές)

Antigone by George Nicholas. 13’. USA. 2017. UK Premiere.

Zen by Debra Sea. 5’. USA, Greece. 2017. UK Premiere.

Accidental Occurrence by Diego Bonilla. 18’. USA. 2017. UK Premiere.

Story for an empty theatre by Cesare Bedogne. 57’. Italy, Greece. 2016. UK Premiere.

Lego Britains Got Talent - Stavros Flatley by Charlie Strank. 2’. UK. 2017. World Premiere.

This Song by Alexis Penny Casdagli. 6'. UK. 2017. World Premiere.

Shells by Vasilios Papaioannu. 12’. USA, Greece. 2017. World Premiere.

The Cheetαh of Cαsαblαncα by Agelos Sioulas & Nicos Terzis. 6’. Greece. 2015. World Premiere. WEB ONLY - FREE ON YOUTUBE

Filming Carols by Eleftheria Skourli. 29’. Greece. 2017. WEB ONLY - FREE ON YOUTUBE

Tuning-in to elusive times by Orestis Dikaios. 7’. UK. 2017. World Premiere.

Coming home by James Morton. 59'. UK, Greece. 2016. World Premiere.


Video Art (βιντεοτέχνης)

Beta by Gm Touliatou. 3’. Greece. 2015. World Premiere.

The Voices of Silence 2 by Pamela Stefanopoulou. 1’. Greece. 2016. World Premiere.

The clockwork kitten by Marina Provatidou. 5’. Greece. 2017. World Premiere.

My Half of the Sky, My Half of the Earth by Maria Zervos. 8’. Greece. 2016.

Carousel by Yeoryios K. Tantos. 18’. Greece. 2014.

Recycling by Katerina Koumakaki. 4’. Greece. 2017. World Premiere.














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