9th annual London Greek Film Festival  special edition

15-21 May 2016

(with no particular order)


Feature Films (ταινίες μεγάλου μήκους)

Back to Sparta. Directed by George Tsioutsioulas.
Canada, 2015. 90'. UK Premiere.
Mana. Directed by Valerie Kontakos.
Greece, 2015. 70'. UK Premiere.
Beloved days. Directed by Constantinos Patsalides.
Cyprus, 2015. 75'.
The Cherry Orchard, Mickey Mouse and Nikos Karathanos.
Directed by Elias Giannakakis. Greece, 2016. 110'. UK Premiere.
Halcyon days. Directed by Giorgos Ch. Zervas.
Greece, 2016. 73'. World Premiere.
On the edge of the Aegean, Castellorizo. Directed by Irini Sarioglou & Angelos Kovotsos.
Greece, 2015. 50'. UK Premiere.
300 Spartans – The Real Story. Directed by Stanislaw (Stan) Karpinski.
Australia, 2015. 73'. World Premiere.
Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair. Directed by Angélique Kourounis.
Greece, 2016. 90'. UK Premiere.
Paolo's dream. Directed by Kirineos Papadimatos & Giannis Avramopoulos.
Greece, 2015. 43'. UK Premiere.
Shadow on the soul. Directed by Marios Polyzogopoulos & Dimitris Pliagkos.
Greece, 2016. 94'. UK Premiere.
Argo Navis. Directed by Stelios Eftathopoulos & Susanne Bausinger.
Greece / Germany, 2016. 100'. UK Premiere.
Crete – Under the Grecian Sun. Directed by Cynthia Daddona.
USA, 2016. 59'. World Premiere.
Good morning neighbor. Directed by Tania Chatzigeorgiou.
Greece, 2016. 59'. UK Premiere.
#ThisIsACoup. Directed by Theopi Skarlatos.
UK / Greece, 2016. 60'. UK Premiere.
Un Condor. Directed by Yiannis Kolozis.
Greece, 2015. 79'. UK Premiere.
The light inside. Directed by Stavros Psillakis.
Greece, 2015. 92'. UK Premiere.


Short Films (ταινίες μικρού μήκους)

Mahdi. Directed by Afroditi Giagli.
Greece, 2016. 14'. World Premiere.
Bus 43. Directed by Alexis Lazaridis.
Greece, 2016. 18'. UK Premiere.
The midnight shift. Directed by Andreas Kyriacou.
Cyprus, 2015. 14'. UK Premiere.
The revelation of the Beast. Directed by Thanassis Bourliaskos.
Greece, 2014. 17'. UK Premiere.
Pet. Directed by Chris Moraitis.
Greece, 2015. 11'. UK Premiere.

The Formidable Flags of Freedom. Directed by Takis Sakellariou.
Greece, 2015. 16'. UK Premiere.

Ecdysis. Directed by Faidra Tsolina.
Greece, 2015. 17'. UK Premiere.
A man fell in love. Directed by Vangelis Rigas.
Greece, 2014. 16'. UK Premiere.

Fig. Directed by Nikolas Kolovos.

Sweden / Greece, 2015. 13'. UK Premiere.
Billy. Directed by Haris Georgiadis.
Greece, 2016. 24'. UK Premiere.
Downhill. Directed by Stelios Kammitsis.
Cyprus, 2015. 13'.
iMan. Directed by Lyubov Kryvokhyzha.
Greece, 2013. 13'. UK Premiere.
Pass. Directed by Lampros Georgopoulos.
Greece, 2014. 7'. UK Premiere.

The Story Of Edward Healing. Directed by Manos Gerogiannis.

UK, 2015. 15'. World Premiere.

Bread. Directed by Nikolas Zogras.

Greece, 2015. 12'. World Premiere.

Forever. Directed by Nikolaos Mandarakas.

Greece, 2015. 22'. UK Premiere.

The Owls. Directed by Natalia Bougadellis.

USA / Greece, 2016. 11'. UK Premiere.

Firefly. Directed by Georgios Soumelidis.

Greece, 2015. 13'. UK Premiere.

Bookless. Directed by Vassilis Goudelis.

Greece, 2015. 10'. UK Premiere.

Inner land. Directed by Vivian Papageorgiou.

Greece, 2015. 18'. UK Premiere.


Experimental Films (πειραματικές ταινίες)

Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London. Directed by Billy Cotsis & Basil Genimahaliotis.

UK / Australia, 2014. 6'. UK Premiere.

Monica. Directed by Dimitris Argyriou.

Greece / Bosnia / Germany, 2016. 5'. UK Premiere.

Bankman. Directed by Grigoris - G. Gaitanaros.

Greece, 2016. 5'. UK Premiere.

Muscles. Directed by Konstantinos Xenakis.

Greece, 2015. 6'. UK Premiere.


Video Art (ταινίες βιντεοτέχνης)

You! My Soul’s darkness. Directed by Thodoris Papadoulakis.

Greece, 2014. 6'. UK Premiere.

Thistledown. Directed by GM Touliatou.

Greece, 2015. 2':25''. World Premiere.

Charybdis. Directed by Aikaterini Koumakaki.

Greece, 2016. 3'. World Premiere.

N.00090007. Directed by Vasilios Papaioannu.

Greece / USA, 2016. 3':17''. World Premiere.
(script competition only, with no particular order)


Fiction Feature Scripts (σενάρια για ταινίες μυθοπλασίας μεγάλου μήκους)

Dresden porcelain dolls. Written by Alexis Tsafas & Alexia Beziki. Greece, 2016.

1995: The greatest summer ever. Written by Peter Manuselis. USA, 2016.

Runners. Written by Stella Belessi. Greece, 2015.

3L3N1. Written by Thanos Kermitsis. Greece, 2015.

Lost horse. Written by Minos Efstathiadis & Stella Alisanoglou. Greece, 2016.

Syria Farewell. Written by Stefanos Ganotis. Greece, 2016.

Family Park. Written by Thanos Kermitsis. Greece, 2015.

Desperandos. Written by Giorgos Iliopoulos, Katerina Vaimaki & Thodoris Vournas. Greece, 2016.

Blood Pigs. Written by Filip Chalatsis. Germany, 2015.


Short Fiction Scripts (σενάρια για ταινίες μυθοπλασίας μικρού μήκους)

The right moment. Written by Avraam Terzopoulos. Greece, 2016.

Walls. Written by Eleni Petsa. Greece, 2016.

Odysseus. Written by Marinos Kanellakis. Greece, 2015.

Imago. Written by Lina Soroga. Greece, 2016.

Brutus vs Caesar: Winner takes London. Written by Billy Cotsis & Basil Genimahaliotis. UK/Australia, 2014.



























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